Certificated & recycled materials

We use only either recycled or certified virgin natural yarns for our accessories. Every quality we offer has gone through a tight quality control process.

Designer deadstock fabrics

Our fabrics are premium fabrics unused from European design houses. There are only limited numbers available, as the releases are all limited editions.

Innovations & artesan skills

We are always looking for the latest technology and innovations, yet we believe in preserving the artisan element in our work.

Care & repair mentality

We provide a variety of care products and detailed care information under our care guide. In the event that our product is damaged, we offer repair services.

Wilow is an attitude - a working and design ethic

It is our mission to combine conscious conceptual thinking with long-lasting premium products in a modern unisex style as few sizes as possible and to create body-conformant silhouettes.

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Limited Edition

Handmade in small batches

We produce only small quantities - even unique styles, and all of our clothes are numbered.

Heirloom pieces

A seasonless design enables us to create long-lasting and durable bestsellers, and for the fabrics we always choose something special, often jacquards with a hint of shine.

Art on Fashion

This collection drop features luxurious kimonos, caftans, shirts and small accessories, all sustainably made from 100% Italian silk. 

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Changing the ways of operating and communicating in fashion

We produce small seasonless collections by designing it with a 3D program and some of it is permanently pre-orderable. We make our collections as local production, and all our materials are sustainable.

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