Silk garments and accessories are timeless and easy to match with various outfits. Material is highly absorbing, easy wrinkling, quickly drying, shiny and hypoallergenic. Silk is the strongest natural fiber of all and is even comparable to steel yarns in elastic strength. Silk has natural temperature-regulating characteristics which means that the fabric feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Giving your silk products the proper care will freshen the fabric and prolong garment life.

Always follow the instructions on the care label. Hand washing is permitted on some silk fabrics, while in other cases it is not. This depends on the type of dye and finish used on the fabric. Although we recommend dry cleaning, silk garments can also be washed (if they are suitable for handwash) according to these instructions:
  • It is advisable to wash a small test area first
  • Turn the product inside out if possible. Hand wash the product gently with a little bit of silk detergent at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees
  • Avoid using fabric softener or soaking the product
  • Never use bleach or presoak products
  • Rinse in cool water with a capful of vinegar or lemon juice added
  • Do not wring or twist
  • Lay garment carefully on a clean towel and gently roll to remove excess water
  • Air dry the product flat and shape it, avoid direct sunlight
  • Iron the silk product gently using the lowest temperature. Turn the product inside out. Use a white cotton cloth between the product and the iron to prevent spotting or scorching of the material
Daily maintenance:
  • Air out the product after each use, avoid direct sunlight
  • Protect your silk clothes from perfumes and hair sprays
  • Hanging in the bathroom will allow shower humidity to remove wrinkles

Extending the lifecycle:
Don't throw away your old silk products, but try swapping them with a friend or donating them to a charity shop. In the event that you find a hole in one of your Wilow products, no worries. Our care and repair can assist you. If your silk product is beyond repair, send it off to be recycled into new silk products.