The care of cashmere products doesn't have to be difficult. You will come a long way if you get a cashmere comb and a wool detergent. Find out how to take care of cashmere below.

Mashine wash: you can easily wash your cashmere in a washing machine. Choose the laundry program with short washing and make sure that you do not wash it in water that is warmer than 30 degrees. Use a wool detergent and do not centrifuge the product.

Handwash: you can also wash the garment by hand. Make sure that you do not wash or rinse the garment under running water, just soak it in water colder than 30 degrees and use a special wool detergent and make sure to not wring or stretch the garment.

Flat dry your cashmere product after washing. The easiest way to flat dry it, is to lay it on a flat surface with a towel underneath. Make sure that you do not stretch the product. Remember to never tumble dry or hang dry your cashmere products.

Ironing & steaming:
It works perfectly fine to iron your cashmere products. Just make sure to have the right temperature (max 150 °) when ironing. It also works fine to steam the cashmere product with a steamer.
Long-term storage:
Do not hang your cashmere products up for storage. Fold them and store them in a drawer or a storage box. If you are having troubles with moths, put a few cedar balls in the drawer or box and the moths will stay away.

Pilling is normal and is most often seen in areas exposed to friction. You can easily remove them with a thin comb or by hand. After washing and using the product a few times the pilling tend to go away.

Extending the lifecycle:
Don't throw away your old cashmere products, but try swapping them with a friend or donating them to a charity shop. In the event that you find a hole in one of your Wilow products, no worries. Our care and repair can assist you. If your cashmere product is beyond repair, send it off to be recycled into new cashmere products.