How it started:

The founders Annmari Pietiläinen and Pauliina Westman share a genuine love of fashion photography, materials and architecture. Their friendship began at their former workplace over a decade ago, and as the world changed rapidly in 2020, they felt this was the right moment to showcase their vision on sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand. 



Our philosophy:
It is our mission to be known as an honest, effortless, timeless brand that features bold and well-curated aesthetics in their designs and imagery. Part of the brands heart is the photographer collaborations that have an artistic dimension. Rather than just a brand or product, Wilow is a visual experience. With House of Wilow, you will get a well-curated online shopping and unboxing experience in the slow fashion world. 

The value of our products lies in their high quality and timeless design, with attention to detail, structures, and finish. We place great emphasis on the longevity of a product - both physically and aesthetically. We want to provide products with a long-term resale value. We do not run discounts or follow traditional seasonal thinking.

We are committed to promoting diversity and pay attention to how and who presents our products. Additionally, we do not specify on behalf of the consumer for whom the garment is designed, and this is also taken into account when sizing the products.

As part of our exploration of new operating models, we are focusing on demand-driven, non-seasonal, unisex thinking, and diversifying material procurement. In addition, we unprejudicedly unite different working methods; for example, modern technology and artisan skills work together. As the brand grows, we also offer new service concepts, for example selling pre-owned Wilow´s products in our online store.