Welcome to visit just recently launched House of Wilow's Digital Showroom !

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Enter a space where fashion takes form in the three-dimensional existence! Within our digital showroom, House of Wilow's fashion collections unfold in a visually captivating 3D setting, inviting you to submerge yourself in the artistic essence of showcasing this collection drop. This groundbreaking method goes beyond conventional online shopping, offering a dynamic and immersive encounter by adding an extra layer to customer journey and bringing another way to explore Wilow garments before visiting our brick and mortar.

Click the link to explore: Welcome to Wilow´s digital showroom!

From the very beginning it has been clear to us Wilow founders that we want to challenge the conventional fashion system. So, this said, we are thrilled to share the groundbreaking news with the launch of this art gallery inspired digital showroom.

At House of Wilow, our foundational design philosophy is rooted in creating "less and better." The digital showroom exemplifies our commitment to doing things differently, seamlessly blending new technologies with classical artisan methods. We aim to test alternative ways to present, market, and consume fashion, all while achieving our greater goal of producing fewer garments with genuine value for our consumers – less and better.

At House of Wilow, we've always been committed to pushing boundaries, and our latest venture seamlessly blends innovation, refined visual appeal and conscious fashion to create a truly unparalleled experience for our online customers.  The collection presented in this digital showroom is fully designed in 3D. Our commitment to challenge the current fashion system has driven us to decrease the need for physical garments. In our digital showroom, the need for physical garments is eliminated enabling to showcase and premarket the collection with 3D visualizations and ensuring a streamlined design process that responds directly to consumer demand.

As we embark on this exciting journey into the future of fashion, House of Wilow invites you to join us in experiencing the convergence of sustainability, technology, and artistic aesthetics. The digital showroom is more than just a platform; it's a manifestation to our commitment to re-imagining the way we present and interact with fashion.

Explore House of Wilow's digital showroom today and witness the fusion of art, sustainability, and premium fashion!

For physical encounters you are warmly welcomed to visit our brick and mortar - as few selected styles are showcased already at our store to be able to expand the experience from 3D into more haptic experience. Welcome to visit our Freda store at Fredrikinkatu 26!

 Click the link to explore the digital showroom yourself: Welcome to Wilow´s digital showroom!

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