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This cashmere comb picks up effectively loose fibers and gathered yarn that naturally occurs with friction and wearing. De-pill your delicate cashmere knits and fine gauge wool products with this cashmere comb, but leave heavier knit (for example lamb wool and mohair blends) items to the sweater stone or the fabric comb. 

How to use: slide the comb along the surface of the material parallel with the material or loops. When the garment is spread on the cushion, it is easier to maintain it. Soft bases keep knits in place better and reduce pressure on them. Begin by lightly pressing. Gradually increase pressure until you can see lint coming off. Too gentle brushing does not remove lint. It is possible that cashmere knitwear requires more pressure than merino wool knitwear. You can try combing the wrong side of the garment if you're unsure about the suitability of the wool comb. Remove gathered yarn from the screen after each use. It is recommended for e.g. sweaters, scarves, coats, and pants made of woolens or wool blends. The perfect choice also for collars, cuffs, and waistbands.

Material: mesh screen on a cedar wood handle, made in China.

Branded comb comes in small bag made from our left-over fabrics made in Europe.

Size: 7,7 cm x 4,2 cm.